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“To bring the joys of board wargaming to the PC”

I still remember the first day I received Squad Leader as a requested birthday present from my parents. The box was heavy, there were multiple map boards, seemingly hundreds of counters – and of course that newly opened board game smell.

Many years have passed since then and of course now we have powerful computers and seemingly even more powerful mobile devices. Board games with historical themes are still being produced, with greater quality and in increasing volume.

On the PC (and mobile devices) the current trend is to produce massive operational strategic games – look at Hearts of Iron, Strategic Command and Panzer Corps as examples. These types of games are well supported by the good folks at Slitherine and Matrix.

But what about the single battle type games? Who is making those for the PC wargames strategy community? Well to be honest no one. It’s just not financially worthwhile for the bigger game studios to make those types of games.

This is where my lovingly named Yobowargames and I come in. I want to fill the gap and produce the “play in an evening” type of wargame – based in many cases on actual previously produced board games.

Yobo is a term of endearment used between husband and wife in Korea. It seemed an appropriate way to describe my love for wargaming.

Kursk – Battle at Prochorovka – Now Available
Korsun – Coming winter 2017
Kampfgruppe – Coming 2018

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