Pivotal Tracker, New Units and WIP

This week I realized I needed a better way to track my work. Lists on paper were no longer working.

Having a quick look around for a free online tracker I came across Pivotal Tracker (http://www.pivotaltracker.com). This was exactly what I needed with the free version allowing you to track 2 projects and have 3 collaborators. As you can see from the below screenshot I still have a worrying amount of work to finish!

I have also been working closely with my graphics artist this week. He has tidied up my units and is now working on UI elements. I hope to show some progress on this next week.

Here are some of the refreshed German Units with a common color scheme (I would also show the Russian units but I made a mistake with the shadow effect and need to re-spin them all again). Its been hard trying to balance the respective sizes of the vehicles with making the pictures looking good on the counters. I think my target audience will understand where I had to make compromises. I am undecided whether to also do Nato Symbols, I know some war gamers like them. For now I am not including them so I can remain focused on the core of the game.

Also this week I have been battling with how to add Air and Artillery support to battles. I looked around for some inspiration from other games and have settled on the way they implement it in the mobile game Wars and Battles (http://warsandbattles.com/). This game has some great UI ideas for a computer based war game.

Finally here is work in progress for an image I hope to use to start marketing the game. I will also probably include it somewhere in the introduction within the game.

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