Experiments in Marketing

This weekend I decided to try out Googles Adwords and Facebook’s advertising. I did very little reading up on how to do this and took my normal approach of diving right in.

First up was Googles Adwords with the aim of driving people to my kursk.yobowargames.com page. After 10 minutes of clicking and form filling, I had a quick advert put together. After two days I was disappointed with the results and quickly came to the conclusion it was an expensive way (Over a $1 per click) to get people coming to my website.

What was useful through was the keywords that people search on. These were all pre-selected by google when I set up the advert. I can use this information to my advantage in later marketing.

Facebook was next. This time I took the approach of advertising my Steam page. Again after about 10 minutes of clicks and text entering I was up and running.

However, the next day when I looked at the results I realized this was not going to be effective. Over 99% of people that looked at the advert were on a mobile device! How could I expect them to instantly buy a PC game this way?

So I changed the advert and pointed to the iOS version of my game.  I feel that Facebook is giving me better value in that more users clicked on the advert for just a few cents per click.

I didn’t see any real change in people buying the game or a large spike in web views but this may be due to my massive marketing budget of $20.

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