Progress on all fronts

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Some weeks I feel like I have made little progress. This week was looking like one of those weeks but this weekend of few things have suddenly come together and I can see things really have moved on.

Invaders from Dimension X

First up are some early drafts back from my graphics expert for Invaders from Dimension X. In the game, the alien actions are dictated by the player randomly selecting an activation chit.  This is one of those areas where converting a game to PC really shows the benefit.

From this:  

To this:

I am really enjoying working on this game. Once I get the complete set back from him I will finish coding the alien actions.

Battle for Korsun

This weekend I added in the code and data for reinforcements. I had put this off as its mainly a data entry task and laborious with checking that I have not made any input errors.

Anyway now that is done and with some other code changes, I can now play the game through. Next up is a couple of weeks of constant testing and bug fixing and then I think I can hand a version over for some further testing.

My thoughts are at the moment to release a non-AI version first on my site here and then release a full final version with AI on steam. That way those of you that follow my games closely will get the game early and at a discount. This time I will also provide steam keys to those who buy the game early so that they can also get it from steam once it’s released there.


I have been playing around with the unit counters for Kampfgruppe. My present thoughts are to keep information on the counters to a real minimum.

In this example, the 5 represents the number of men in the squad. Other things like movement and firepower would be shown in an information box. I am working on the basis that once a player has played the game a few times they will remember a lot of the key information and can just concentrate on playing the game.


This is where a lot of the hard work takes place. I also have a laptop so sometimes at the weekend I sit outside with a coffee and enjoy the great California weather. I am aiming to make this a full-time occupation. If I can get to that state I would have reached a life goal.

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