Translations, Custom Map and Combat Display


This week I have been thinking about how to reach more wargamers, especially those whose native language may not be English.

As an experiment, I have decided to have some of my blogs and store items translated into Russian, Chinese and Spanish. Chinese and Spanish because they are number 2 & 3 in the list of spoken languages and Russian because I believe they have a fairly large wargame community.

To do this I have added the WPML plugin to this WordPress site. As I have woocommerce I had to buy the Multilingual CMS version to allow me to get everything fully working.

I then used Fiverr to contact some translators.

So the total cost of this experiment so far has been around $170. What I hope to get is some more hits on this website and sign-ups to my Newsletter with the knock-on effect of more sales of Battle for Korsun when I release it.

Once a month I will look to translate some of my key articles. Battle for Korsun will be supported in multiple languages. Can’t wait to see how this affects sales compared to Kursk.


This week I reached out to Ilya Kudriashov to draw me a custom map for Battle for Korsun. Ilya is an upcoming star in the board game world. Check out some of this work here.

I will use this to help with the marketing of the game. Hope the investment pays off!

Combat Display

I wanted to have a good way to display some combat information in Battle for Korsun. So after a little bit of playing around with photoshop , came up with this:

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