Battle for Korsun


January 1944. The German Army had their last toehold on the Dneiper River. This salient projected between two powerful Soviet army groups, the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts. Though weakened in their previous efforts against the Germans. on January 25th and 26th , these

powerful groups attacked and surrounded two German corps.


The Germans responded quickly to this threat, hurrying reinforcements from other sectors. Their relief drive made good initial progress, but stalled in the face of stiff Soviet resistance and both sides enemy "General Mud". In the end, the trapped Germans made a desperate

break out attempt from the pocket. Less than half of the encircled forces escaped the trap, with none of their heavy weapons or equipment.


BATTLE FOR KORSUN is a simulation of these battles in January and February 1944. Players control the various German and Soviet forces which took part in these struggles. The Soviet player must coordinate the offensives of his Fronts to encircle the Germans quickly, before the Germans powerful reinforcements arrive. The German player must form a pocket perimeter, then orchestrate his relief drive with his Panzer divisions to rescue their trapped comrades.


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  • Beautiful Large Map
  • Over 190 units represented
  • PBEM
  • Play against the AI or hotseat against another player
  • Available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Coming winter 2017