Moving Home and Building a team around you

The last ten days have not been very productive for me due to moving to a new home. However it didn’t totally stop game development and it gave me a chance to reflect on how far things have come since I started developing wargames.

One thing I realized was that I am gradually building a team around me consisting of contractors (from upwork or fiverr) and some really great enthusiastic volunteers. Between them they cover Graphics, Quality Assurance, Web Designer and translators.

So while I have done nothing they have continued to produce work for me. First up is my Graphics designer who has been working on some graphics for Kampfgruppe and also Maps for a Sci-fi game I am working on (More to come on that in a later article!).

I think these look pretty impressive!

I also have a webmaster helping me out setting up the ability for me to sell my games on this website. I am not expecting to generate much sales from this initially but hope to build this up.

Back to unpacking now… More next time.

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