Too many ideas not enough time

I have so many ideas but never enough time to implement them and always have at least 3 projects on the go at anyone time.

My excuse for this is that if I hit a roadblock on the current most important project I can move to something different to clear my head and within a couple of days something normally pops into my heads that solves the roadblock.

For the last month I have been heads down getting some decent AI into my Kursk game. The testing of every little change is time consuming. When ever it got too much I switched to working on my next game “Battle for Korsun”. This is coming along quite nicely and I now have the map, counters and basic movement in place. The biggest headache in this game is dealing with stacked units – I will write a piece on this soon as it really is a pain to deal with and allow a computer player to manipulate a stack of virtual counters.

Finally I have been working with my artist on the game I have always wanted to write. I have always been a great fan of Squad Leader. I can still remember the first day I got it as a Christmas present. All those counters and map boards! Sadly its not possible to convert Squad Leader to a computer game as all the rights are with Paradox Interactive who have had them for 10 years now – but with no plans to do anything with them.

So I going to write my own Tactical Game, based on my own rules and with my own implementation. I have many ideas around how I want this game to work and to make it as open to Modders and the wargaming community as possible. But at the moment they are just ideas.

I am thinking of calling the game Kampfgruppe – which is German for Battlegroup. Below is the first publicly available screenshot. I hope it is not the last!


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