If I had a Marketing/PR Manager I am sure they would have resigned by now.

Every now and then I ponder whether I should do something about the mismatch of developer accounts I have and get them all nicely assigned to

Right now if you buy my game from Steam and post a comment you get a reply from some dude called “Hunter” (More like “Easy Prey” if you find me in any multiplayer game).

If you buy my game from Apple or Google stores you get another dude called “Lance Craner” (As a side note Apple made me give the game a 17+ rating because the splash screen shows two soldiers holding guns. There are no Suggestive Themes in my game I promise you!).

If you email me here you get a reply from “” (Original intent here was this email address would just be for … well admin type things).

When I was setting up the store page I was thinking whether I should have emails coming from

This of course then leads to other possible email addresses:

  • etc etc etc

So why not go ahead and set up everything under yobowargames?

Well (prepares excuses).

  • I have to get new developer certificates from Apple and Google that are used to sign my games. It was a pain trying to set them up in the first place.
  • I have to pay Apple for the privilege of being a developer again (And then pay them again every year!)
  • I have to fill out a whole load of forms
  • I lose the history of everything I have done to date

Whenever I ponder the above I soon discount changing anything because:

  • I like people seeing me as an individual
  • I like the surprise of wondering what the email addressed to might contain
  • I am very fond of my “Hunter” alias on steam
  • I am also very fond of my real name!
  • I feel there is a benefit to people knowing there is one guy (and his small team of supporters) behind the games

I started this post with “If I had a Marketing Manager…”. Actually, I am the Marketing/PR Manager and we like things just as they are.

This post was written by Hunter, Lance and the Admin of



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