Too Many Hats

Developing a Game on your own is not just about coding and testing. The last few weeks have busy for me with many other tasks.

Planning for the Future

I want to focus on Wargames that cover a single battle rather than big strategy games which companies like Slitherine already provide. There is a huge range of boardgames just waiting to be converted to digital and I want to tap into that resource pool. To do so I need to reach out to publishers and designers. That takes a lot of researching to find the right direct contact with the kind of games i am looking for. I have been very lucky that one big publisher contacted me after they heard about my game and two others responded to my email enquiries. I now have a small backlog of games to work on. Wait for announcements on them in the future.

Reaching out to an International Market

To be successful I should not just restrict myself to the English speakers in the world. I know from my previous game releases that there is an interest in my games from French and Russian players. In addition I should not neglect the emerging Chinese games market. Also Japan in the 80’s had a huge interest in wargames – who’s to say that interest is not still there?

I came across where people offer their services for $5. For $5 I can have somewhere between 250 – 400 words translated by someone fluent in both languages (English and one other). To start with I have had my store front text translated into Russian and Chinese as an experiment to see if it generates more alpha sales.

Researching AI

I have been reading up on AI in computer games in the last few weeks. Ideally I would like to work with someone who has experience in this area but with my limited budget I cannot afford to do that at the moment. Anyway I have learnt a lot so its been interesting.

Maintaining a foot in the real world

Its very easy to let game development consume you. I have a full time job and do this in addition to that. I took a break from both for some well deserved R&R over three weeks with my family. Luckily my wife keeps me in check to ensure I don’t stray too far towards the dark side.

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