Steam – Google Analytics

One of things you can do when you have a game on Steam is to link it to Google Analytics.

Why is this useful?

Below is a screen print of the total number of visitors to my store on Steam since I created and published it about 3 months ago.

Naturally the bulk of the visitors come from within Steam itself.  What is of more interest is the Referral number – namely people who have visited the store page as a referral from another site.

I am not sure why steamcommunity appears here however the next four in the list are very useful for the future. I have done no marketing for this game. The referrals from these sites come from users posting on their forums about the game having seen it on Steam. The exception is where I contacted them with a steam key as a giveaway contest.

This is useful to me as I now know that when I want to do some serious marketing for any of my games and will be top of the list.



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