First update for 2018

I didn’t write a blog last week although I had done a lot of work over the holidays. So here’s a little catch-up.

Battle for Korsun

I have now started on the Russian AI. I spent a few days working out what the objectives should be and how the AI should react. So I felt there were 3 stages:

  1. Very aggressively cut through the German lines and create the pocket
  2. Widen the gap between the trapped forces and the relieving forces
  3. Defend

To help with this I have given each Hex a value. This helps drive the Russian AI when making decisions on what to do. Each turn it will make some checks – Has pocket been formed? Is there a wide enough gap? where are the German forces concentrated? etc.

As an example, if its the early stages of the game and the pocket is not yet formed it will be guided into where it needs to go next by the hex values.  As it must form the pocket to stand a chance of winning it will attack very aggressively. Units that cannot help with that objective will look to pin German units in place.

Invaders from Dimension X! 

I also did a lot of work on this with testing the various possible Marine and Alien moves. In addition, I prepared the second Map for this game. Finally, I talked to my Graphics designer about the menus and he has roughed up some drafts which look great. When I get the final versions I will show on here.


I have now got into the daily routine of adding articles that interest me or I think are of interest to a wargamer. Do check it out here.

Book Review

While doing some research I came across a magazine that needed someone to review books. I read a lot and had a secret desire to write reviews. So I signed up, chose a book, received it and am currently reading Battle of Wills. I will publish my review here once it’s submitted and published.

Iwo Jima

In between all of the above, I also did some research on Iwo Jima (and broke one of my 2018 resolutions to stay focused!). I thought I might try out a new graphics artist so gave him the job of graphics for the island. I also put together a potential splash screen and unit counters.

The graphic was based on US aerial photos taken in 1944 and an army report I found produced at the time with various maps of the island.

Feedback welcome.


I have been thinking about computer wargames and wargaming in general and how to get more people interested in what I do and what I am sure others are also trying to do in this area.

I feel there is a gap in the market between the type of games I make and what companies like Slitherine make and publish.

Some ideas I have had are:

  1. Redo some maps and counters from old board games and offer them here free as downloads. I know there are a lot of wargamers who make their own counters but may not have the expertise to make them look good. Another alternative would be to do some good Vassal mods.
  2. Reach out to a company like Slitherine and see if they would look to work with small independents and have an Indie developers section on their site. They could perhaps take a 10% cut of games sold. It would act as an incubator for the next generation of programmers.
  3. Reaching out to other small wargame developers like me and forming a collective group to support and advertise each other’s work.

If you have your own opinions on this please do email me your thoughts.

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