Work in Progress Update

What has been happening in my small part of the world?

Battle for Korsun

I am making good progress on the Russian AI. I have a basic framework in place and now have the AI moving and attacking based on a priority-based list. It’s actually moving too quickly and I will need to slow it down so the player can see what is happening.

Now comes hours and hours of testing and refining. What I need to be sure of is how the AI handles things as the game advances and things become more open.

I am hoping that by sometime in February I can hand the game over to a couple of beta testers for a first look at the game and to test out the Russian AI while I work on the German AI.

Invaders from Dimension X!

I have received back the splash screen and some menu items. They look really good! I now have them plugged into the game.

Next up is to get one scenario working from end to end. There are still a couple of things that are not flowing right.

Again once I get the first scenario working to my liking I will get the game out to a couple of beta testers – hopefully sometime in February as well.

And in other news

This finally arrived in the post from Japan. I haven’t made a model kit in years. When I opened up the box it looks a bit daunting.  If you hear no more about it you will know it turned into a disaster!

While doing some research I found that you can subscribe to Wargamers  Illustrated prime. Its £1 for the first month and then £5.99 (about $8) after. That gives you access to their entire back issues online magazines and articles. I am hoping it will be good for researching.

I continue to add articles to my Flipboard Magazine. Viewing readership is growing slowly.  I hope that it becomes a place for people to discover stories and websites they were not aware of.

As always do email me with questions or comments.

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